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Our signature style is transitional without being predictable — a layered and inviting reflection of your unique lifestyle.

At Connelly & Co., we create homes that mirror the depth and interest of the lives lived there. Every space we touch is a thoughtful curation of elements that enhance your life and tell your story.

Connelly & Co Studio _ Full Service Interior Design _ St. Petersburg, Florida _ Kaley_Stai



I’ve had a love for travel for as long as I can remember. My desire to explore all that the world has to offer has taken me to six continents and many different countries. During college, I spent an entire summer on a boat, traveling through Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia. From the Māori tribes in New Zealand to the souk in Marrakech, every country came with new perspectives, amazing people, and unique cultures. Each time I would return home from a trip, I would incorporate elements of the countries I visited into my home. I love being reminded of the beauty of cultures all over the world in every corner of my space.


My journey to interior design was a winding road. I attended college at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, where I first became interested in historic preservation. After graduation, I decided to move to Chicago and work in consulting. After ten years in the Windy City, I moved back to Tampa Bay to pursue a Master of Business Administration. During that time, I restored a historic home in the Old Northeast neighborhood of St. Pete. Throughout the restoration process, I found a renewed passion for residential design. I enrolled in Parsons School of Design and earned a degree in Interior Design. After completing the program, I decided to channel my love of design and business expertise to found Connelly & Co. Studio. My greatest joy is in marrying my love for travel with my passion for interior design to create thoughtful spaces that tell the story of those who live there.


Thank you for visiting my site. Please feel free to reach out if you think I’d be a good fit for your project!

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